Stile & Rail Doors

Stile & Rail Doors

Fine Craftsmanship and Materials Built for a Lifetime

Founded as a furniture manufacturer in 1892, Algoma Hardwoods has a long tradition of fine woodworking. From the fine settees of a century ago to the hand-crafted stile and rail doors of today, Algoma Hardwoods can still, in many ways, be considered a furniture company. Fine wooden doors are really a building’s permanent furniture and the Stile and Rail Door represents the highest level of door-making skills. We combine highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology with traditional, fine woodworking skills. Every door speaks of old-world pride, skill and craftsmanship and is backed by our “Lifetime in the Original Opening” warranty.

Now available in 1-3/4” thick

up to 90 minutes,

positive or neutral